Many men and women desire the results of a facelift but cannot spare the time needed for the required recovery. For many patients in need of minimal to moderate correction to the lower face, the QuickLift® is an alternative to the traditional lift and allows for tightening of the jowls, definition of the jawline, and restoration of the cheeks, all with minimal downtime and natural-looking results. This surgery differs from other modified facelift variations as it not only tightens the skin but also addresses the sagging of underlying muscles and connective tissues. This procedure results in a youthful and rested appearance.

QuickLift® Candidates

Candidates for the QuickLift® are men and women who require minimal to moderate tightening of the mid and lower face. These patients are beginning to experience the loss of elasticity and have visible sagging along the jawline and chin. This procedure is designed to promote a more youthful, rested, and refreshed appearance without the face looking “pulled back” or unnatural. Many candidates for the QuickLift® are in their 40s or are older and want to get ahead of the aging process. Candidates should be physically healthy, non-smoking individuals who have realistic expectations of their results.

QuickLift® Procedure

The QuickLift® is a minimally invasive, customizable procedure that is often performed in one to two hours under sedation or general anesthesia. Once you are numb, an incision is made along the scalp and around the ear, similar to that of a traditional facelift. However, unlike a traditional facelift, there is often no incision made under the chin. The underlying muscles and tissues are tightened with a purse-string suture technique. This technique reduces tension, which lessens the chance of scarring and promotes a quick recovery while immediately enhancing the appearance of the jawline and lower face. Excess skin is removed, and the incisions are then carefully closed.


The QuickLift® is sometimes referred to as a “weekend” lift because some patients can undergo the procedure on a Friday and be ready to return to work on Monday. While this is not possible for all patients, as it depends on the amount of correction needed, this procedure does come with a significantly reduced amount of necessary downtime and recovery. Patients will experience minimal discomfort; and while you may be prescribed oral pain medication, over-the-counter medication, such as TYLENOL®, is usually all that is needed to minimize any discomfort. You should expect temporary bruising and swelling during the initial days after the procedure. Cold compresses can help control swelling during the first 48 hours, and you should elevate your head while you sleep during the first week. You can wear makeup in as few as three days after surgery.


The natural-looking results of your QuickLift® are immediate and lasting. These results may not be as dramatic as a traditional facelift would be, but when paired with a healthy lifestyle and adequate sun protection, the QuickLift® can provide years of satisfaction with a youthful complexion. Like all cosmetic enhancements, the QuickLift® will not halt the natural aging process as inevitable changes from age and time will occur; however, your complexion will still be better than if you didn’t have the procedure.