Facelift Louisville

Traditional Full Facelift

A facelift, clinically referred to as a rhytidectomy, is relatively simple for the amount of restorative benefit it provides. Once the patient has been properly anesthetized, Dr. Derr makes an incision in as inconspicuous a spot as possible, usually starting at the temple, continuing around the ear, and ending at the bottom of the hairline. This type of incision is made on both sides of the face. Depending on your individual treatment plan, Dr. Derr may also make a small incision underneath the chin to tighten the skin of the neck. Dr. Derr then separates the skin from the underlying muscle and tissue, tightens the muscles and removes any excess fat or tissue. He may perform a bit of liposuction if needed. Some patients opt to undergo additional facial procedures, such as chin implants or eyelid surgery, while undergoing facelift. The skin is repositioned and tightened, and any excess skin is removed. Once the skin is taut and in the desired position, Dr. Derr closes the incisions with sutures, which provides an extra tightening effect. The patient is now ready to recover comfortably at home.

Recovery from Facelift

Recovery usually is for a period of one to two weeks. During recovery patients may experience some drainage around the incision points, but this is normal and actually beneficial. You will be given detailed instructions for post-operative care. Dr Derr will most likely instruct you to keep your head elevated for a couple of days and to avoid as much movement as possible during that time. You will experience some pain, swelling, and numbness. This is normal with a facelift, and will subside.

QuickLift™ Mini Facelift

The QuickLift™ is known to many as the “weekend facelift” since some people have the procedure done on a Friday and return to work the following Monday. While this would be nearly impossible and unadvised with the traditional facelift, the nuances of the QuickLift™ allow for brisk recovery. The incision made along the scalp and around the ear is similar to the traditional full procedure; however an incision may not be necessary underneath the chin. Unlike most mini facelifts, the QuickLift™ tightens not only the skin of the face, but the underlying muscle and connective tissues as well. The tightening is achieved using a revolutionary purse-string suture technique that produces instant results. The technique is designed to reduce tension and the chance of scarring, helping to facilitate quick recovery. While the QuickLift™ may not create results as dramatic as those of a traditional full facelift, it also will not create a “pulled back” or unnatural appearance. The QuickLift™ provides natural looking results in the lower face with very little associated downtime.