Butt Augmentation

The appearance of a firm and curvaceous butt is an attribute that is highly admired. While some women are naturally able to project a shapely backside through genetics alone, others must turn to diet and exercise to get the look they want. However, when these measures fail to produce satisfactory results, cosmetic enhancement is typically desired to achieve an attractive derriere. Known as buttock augmentation, this procedure provides a more contoured and voluminous backside.

Butt Augmentation Methods


  • Typically a more invasive procedure
  • Implants are made of 100% pure-grade silicone and come in a variety of sizes
  • Provides permanent results in one procedure

Fat Transfer

  • Incorporates liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (usually the abdomen or thighs) to be reinjected into the buttocks
  • Increases volume at different depths to ensure even distribution
  • No risk for an allergic reaction since the patient’s own fat is used

The Benefits of a Butt Augmentation

Noticeably improves the fullness and shape of the buttocks

Provides natural-looking results that are long lasting

Patients feel more confident knowing they appear more attractive in certain clothing


Butt Augmentation FAQs

It is recommended that you do not apply any pressure to the buttocks for at least two weeks after the procedure is complete. This includes laying and sitting.

Although some discomfort is expected during the procedure, general or local anesthesia will be administered beforehand to increase patient comfort.

Although the exact time of the procedure depends on each patient’s need for improvement and the method performed, butt augmentation surgery generally takes two hours for buttock implants and four hours for liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks.

Individual factors will ultimately determine when you can resume your normal routine, but most patients feel good enough to return to work about one week after surgery.

The results of a butt augmentation with implants will be immediately apparent after swelling subsides. A butt augmentation using fat transfer produces results over the coming weeks as the fat cells bond with the rest of the tissue.

Both methods are intended to produce permanent results. However, some of the fat initially placed during the fat transfer method may be absorbed and lost during the first few weeks after surgery and require touch-up treatments to produce the desired results.


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