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Butt Augmentation

The curvaceous hourglass figure is highly idealized but not so easily achieved, especially without the proper genetics. Plastic surgery has been able to help create the hourglass shape in the upper body for many years, and now the same is true for the lower body. Thanks to butt augmentation at our Louisville, Kentucky practice, Dr. John Derr is able to enhance and improve upon our patients’ existing curves.

Breast Lift



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I have been in the practice of Plastic Surgery for 24 years and have served many nice and happy patients. I feel the doctor’s main responsibility to the patient is to listen as long as necessary to determine and focus on his or her desires then form a plan to accomplish our mutually derived goals. Dr Robert Pool, my chief during plastic surgery residency always said “the perfect marriage in plastic surgery consists of realistic expectations on the patient’s part matched by the plastic surgeon’s ability to provide excellent surgical results”. That mutuality has been the focus of my work with patients.

I am an associate in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons in Louisville, KY. It is a group consisting of four superbly trained board certified surgeons providing excellent results for our patients. I provide a broad spectrum of plastic surgical services and especially enjoy performing breast surgery (reconstructive and cosmetic), buttock augmentation, facial surgery, and body contouring. I have developed this web site in hopes of providing extensive up to date information for you. We would love to help you meet your surgical needs and desires. To learn more about me, please refer to the “Meet the doctor” section on this site.

Let me know how I can help.
Thanks for visiting my web site. Enjoy!
Dr John W Derr Jr MD FACS


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