Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation Surgery in Louisville Kentucky

The curvaceous hourglass figure is highly idealized but not so easily achieved, especially without the proper genetics. Plastic surgery has been able to help create the hourglass shape in the upper body for many years, and now the same is true for the lower body. Thanks to butt augmentation at our Louisville, Kentucky practice, Dr. John Derr is able to enhance and improve upon our patients’ existing curves. During your personal consultation with Dr. Derr, he will evaluate your case, review your options, and recommend the proper course of treatment to meet your aesthetic goals.

The Butt Augmentation Procedure

The butt augmentation procedure can be conducted two different ways, depending on the patient’s desires. During your personal consultation with Dr. Derr, the two of you will determine the shape and silhouette that you’d like to achieve. Depending on the degree of contouring you desire, Dr. Derr will opt for either a butt implant or fat transfer to add shape and volume.

Butt Implants

A butt augmentation using implants is typically more invasive than a procedure involving a fat transfer. Once the patient has been anesthetized, Dr. Derr makes makes one vertical midline incision near the upper buttock level. The butt implant is similar to a breast implant, but is much stronger and made of elastomer that cannot leak. Once the incision has been made Dr. Derr places the implants above the muscles, securing the implants through the incision. The result of a butt implant procedure is a permanently enhanced posterior that matches your desired aesthetic.

Fat Transfer

The use of fat transfer in butt augmentation at the Louisville practice of Dr. Derr is the alternative to implants. Dr. Derr has the experience and artistry to create nearly flawless results using fat transfer. A butt augmentation utilizing fat transfer incorporates liposuction techniques to take fat from a predetermined area of the patient, usually the abdomen or thigh. After the fat has been removed, it is processed and purified. It is then ready to be injected into the patient’s buttocks. Using his surgical expertise and eye for artistry, Dr. Derr injects the fat into several places around the patient’s buttocks, adding volume and creating the desired curves.

The butt augmentation procedure lasts about 3 hours, and the recovery process can be difficult for some. Following the procedure, patients may resume sitting and standing, and may lie on their back if desired. Complete recovery can take several months and the buttocks may remain tender for some time, eventually subsiding. The results will be visible almost immediately, so you can enjoy your new curves during recovery.

Learn More about Butt Augmentation

Thanks to butt augmentation with Dr. Derr, women of the Louisville, Kentucky area can obtain the figure of their dreams. If you are considering the procedure or simply have more questions, contact us to schedule a personal consultation at our office.